Piet Sterk and his loyal crew of El Gato del Mar sail the seas of Caribdus in search of profit and revenge! With Sterk’s original ship, The Queen of the Dance, burned to the waterline by the mutinous Captain Mauser and his cut-throats, Sterk and company seek new fortunes while making their way on this strange, cursed water world.

Captain Sterk‘s right hand, navigator, and ship’s surgeon is the capable Miss Denise de Vassoigne. His helmsman, God help them all, is a blind storm-chasing water mage masaquani, Anise Antog. The ‘Cat is blessed to have a kraken windmage and warrior called Achish. Rupert Scoggins, an English lookout and sharpshooter, spends hours at a time in the ’Cat’s crowsnest. A Spaniard named Damaso Amador, Dak the doreen, and a grael called Content Not Found: rekk are sailors and armsmen, ready to hold El Gato del Mar‘s deck against all comers, or take the fight to another ship’s decks! Sterk’s not sure how he ended up with such a diverse but loyal crew, but in the dark days after the mutiny but before they found El Gato del Mar, they kept each other from… well, now it’s someone else’s turn to worry.

The Seas of Caribdus

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