The Seas of Caribdus

And so it begins...

On a Dark and Stormy night, you find your backs against the ship’s rail, a merciless sea beyond. Before you is a deck full of mutineers, led by an evil skalawag you took aboard at your last port weeks ago, John Mauser.

Some of these men don’t look as happy behind their new capain as others, but they’re in no position to help you now.

You can hear some of Mauser’s men dumping the bodies of men who fought the mutineers to their deaths over the other side of the ship above the shouts, threats, and cat-calls of the mutineers.

Mauser gestures for quiet with the cutlass he took from your captain, Old Man Sterk, and says:

“By the code, I’ll not kill ye, less ye make one move against myself or my men. We’re close enough to that island behind ye; ye can all swim to shore. I’d be quick – yur mates may attract some toothy friends eager to greet ye! Har-har-har!

“Ye blades and pistols are tied to that barrel the men be tossing in now. I give ye one shot each as per the accord. Now, ye can trust your life to the sea, or ye can lose your life on me deck. As for me, The Queen of the Dance be off for Brigandy Bay to pick up a trustworthy crew. Har-har-har! Now, over the side with the lot of ya!”


As Captain Sterk and his six surviving supporters considered their choices, Achish noticed a mutineer dumping his heirloom Kraken Bone Armor over the side of the ship – without a thought, Achish dove over the side after it.

Scoggins, helping to support the bruised and bloodied Captain Sterk with Anise’s help from the other side, leaned over to the pair and whispered “We’re going to step over the side together. Anise, we’ll guide you to the barrel once we’re in the water, and you can help the Captain hang on.” With that, the three of them stepped off the Queen into the roiling ocean below.

Denise, Damaso, and Dak had all been considering their odds against the mutineers arrayed before them, but, with their allies already choosing a briney exit, they opted to stay with them. Not one, however, didn’t look forward to that day when Mauser and his men were at their mercy.

First in the water, Achish floated a couple fathoms below the surface, trying to figure out how to find his armor in the deep dark water. As he considered increasingly desperate measures, he felt a sleek shape brush past him, and realized it was none of his companions…

Going over the side, Dak mis-estimated the drop in the wind-whipped darkness, and ended up splashing heavily into the drink. Trying to get his bearing, he felt a few torpedo-shaped creatures languidly swim by him, just below the surface-dwellers swimming feet. They were all in just as much danger in the water, as they were on the ship’s deck…

Surfacing, Achish called out that there were sharks in the water, but he was unable to locate the others, or even the shoreline of the nearby island, in the thrashing waves.

As the Queen left them quickly in her wake, the howls, harsh laughter, and taunting cheers of the mutineers lingering in all their ears. Dak quickly found Achish, and guided him toward the shoreline, as Anise kicked powerfully, pushing her captain and the all-important barrel in that direction as well. The others made for shore as well as they were able – thankfully, there was no one among them unable to swim.

Once ashore, Damaso, Scoggins, and Dak carried the barrel away from the lapping waves, while Denise asisted Sterk and Anise onto higher ground as well. Dak and Achish simply lay in the crashing waves, caught between suffering the crashing storm waves, and feeling the soothing water on their skins.

Eventually, the two aquatic crewmen made their way closer to the tree-line, where lightening flashes revealed Scoggins slumped against a tree trunk, and the Captain and Anise taking dubious shelter under the tree fronds. Damaso appeared to be scouting along and in to the treeline – although, who knew what he could possibly see in the darkness, really. Of Denise, there was no sign at all. After a time, Damaso returns, speaking of a faint game trail he’d found a couple dozen yards down the treeline. After several shouts, the group morosely realized Denise was lost to them, at least for the moment, and they all settled in to a miserable wait for the stormy night to pass.

Deep in the island jungle, unable to hear their shouts, nor able to make them hear her own, Denise realized her efforts to find shelter of any sort among the trees and undergrowth had only resulted in getting lost in this dark hell. She found a small hollow in a tree trunk, and settled in to wait out the night and storm herself.



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