Captain Piet Sterk

Merchant captain of the Queen of the Dance, a Dutchman visitor to Caribdus


Captain Sterk has sailed the sees for quite a long time, both in the old world and the new. Never aspiring to more than a deck beneath his boots and a good wind in his sails, he’s grown more introverted the older he becomes – he refuses to ‘get involved’ in anything other than a good cargo and his next port. He broke his own rule when he sailed into the mists chasing the sound of a crying child, and he’s paid for that mistake ever since.

His crew was a collection of loyal old salts and dogs when he came to Caribdus, and many have fallen away since arriving. He’s a bit troubled by all the new faces he’s been forced to take aboard his precious ship, The Queen of the Dance, an old but very servicable brigantine.

Captain Piet Sterk

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