Doreen, member of the ship's fighting crew.

Rank XP Earned XP Spent
Novice 6 5


  • Agility d8
  • Smarts d4
  • Spirit d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6
  • Charisma 0 (-4 when dealing with Kehana)
  • Pace 6
  • Parry 5 (see also Close Fighting)
  • Toughness 5


  • Boating d6
  • Climb d8 – +2 using ropes (Boarder)
  • Fighting d8
  • Guts d4
  • Intimidation d6
  • Notice d6
  • Shooting d4
  • Stealth d4
  • Swimming d6
  • Tracking d4
  • Throwing (untrained) – +2 using ropes (Boarder)


Ranged weapons have little use underwater, so doreen rely on cunning and stealth to get close to their prey instead. They take great pride in getting as close as possible before making a kill. Every time a doreen kills a foe with a Strength and Toughness at least as high as his own (including armor or other enhancements) with nothing larger than a knife, he gains a benny
Racial Enemy (Kehana)
Doreen hate kehana and suffer a -4 Charisma penalty when dealing with them.
Sea Hunter
Doreen are consummate hunters and know a great deal about the seas they swim. They add +2 to any Stealth or Survival roll made while underwater.
Doreen are native to both water and land, and so start with a d6 in Swimming. They use their entire bodies to effortlessly glide through the water, moving their full skill level while swimming (-2" for every multiple of a doreen’s Load Limit carried).
Doreen are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A doreen gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.


Illiterate (minor)
Your hero cannot read. He can probably sign his name and knows what a STOP sign says, but can do little else. He also doesn’t know much about math either. He can probably do 2+2=4, but multiplication and the like are beyond him.
Illiterates can’t read or write in any language, by the way, no matter how many they actually speak.
Vengeful (major)
Your character always attempts to right a wrong he feels was done to him. If this is a Minor Hindrance, he usually seeks vengeance legally. If this is a Major Hindrance, he’ll kill to see it done.


Requirements: Novice, Boating d6+, Climbing d8+, Throwing d8+
Many captains instill courage in their men by offering additional rewards to the first man to board an enemy vessel. Few survive to claim their prize. Through skill and luck the character has survived dozens of boarding actions and feels empowered by the adrenaline rush.
All Climbing and Throwing rolls involving ropes are made at +2. Anytime he is the first allied character to board an enemy vessel he receives a benny.
Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
This Edge is for skilled knife-fighters such as the doreen, who pride themselves on defeating their opponents up close and personal.
Close fighters move inside most weapons’ reach, adding a bonus to his Parry equal to the enemy weapon’s Reach +1 for that particular foe. No bonus is granted if the foe is unarmed or using a knife or other small weapon.
Example: A doreen with Close Fighting battles a kehana with a cutlass (Reach 0). The doreen’s Parry is raised by +1.


Armor Type Area Covered TN Cost Weight
Leather Torso, arms, legs +1 50 15


Weapon Range RoF Dmg Weight
Dagger STR+1 1
Scimitar STR+3 8

Other Gear

Gear Weight
Clothing x2
Whetstone 1
Pieces o’ Eight 180
Weight Carried 25
Weight Limit (STRx5) 30



  1. Raised Notice to d6 (5xp)
  • Dak is starting to collect & preserve the fins of Kehana he has slain. Will eventually have them made into a coat.


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