• Can be used to reroll Trait tests (Strength, Shooting, Swimming), but not damage
  • Can be used to soak damage
  • Do not carry over between sessions – you start play with three, so don’t be afraid to spend ’em!
  • You can and should get more – The GM will be handing out bennies during the session for good role-playing; the more entertaining and better played your character is, the more bennies you get to spend!

From the Book

Every now and then the dice may betray you. That’s why Savage Worlds gives you, the player, a little control over your hero’s fate.

Every player starts each game session with three “bennies”, gaming stones or other tokens that signify a little bit of good luck or fate. The Game Master may also give you more bennies for great roleplaying, overcoming major obstacles, or even entertaining everyone with an outlandish action, side-splitting in-game joke, or other memorable act.


You can use bennies to reroll any Trait test. Make the entire roll from scratch. If you’re firing three shots on full-auto and don’t like the results, pick up all three dice and your Wild Die and roll again. You can keep spending bennies and rerolling as long as you like, and take the best of your attempts. If you roll a 5, for example, and a benny gets you a 4, keep the original 5 instead.

Bennies cannot be spent on tables, damage rolls (unless a character has the No Mercy Edge), or any other roll that isn’t a Trait roll.

Soaking Damage

A character can spend a benny to automatically eliminate a Shaken condition (see Shaken, below).

If the benny is spent immediately after taking one or more wounds from a single attack, you may make a Vigor roll as well. A success and each raise on the roll reduces the number of wounds suffered from that attack by 1. If the character is left with any wounds from the attack however, he’s still Shaken as usual. Don’t count the wound modifiers you’re about to suffer when making this roll.

A character may only make one soak roll per attack. If a soak roll eliminates 2 of 3 wounds, for instance, a hero can’t make another soak roll to eliminate the third wound. (The hero could spend a second benny to reroll the Vigor roll as usual, however.) If a character suffers multiple hits on the same action card, he needs to spend bennies and make soak rolls after each result – before the next “set” of wounds is soaked.

Example: Buck gets attacked and hit twice in the same round by two crocodile cultists. The first attack makes him Shaken, and the second causes 2 wounds.
Buck takes the first result and is Shaken. He knows if he completely soaks the second, he won’t be Shaken anyway. Now he makes a Soak roll against the two wounds and gets a 5 on his Vigor roll. That negates one wound, but he remains Shaken. He could now spend another benny to be unshaken, but can’t negate the remaining wound.


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