Rank: Novice
Power Points: 5
Range: Smarts x2
Duration: Concentration (no more than 4 hours per casting)
Trappings: The mage stands behind the sails, arms outraised and gently blowing.

This is the spell wind mages are most commonly asked to perform. It gently pushes ships along even in a dead calm, and can also improve top speed in normal winds or during deadly combat.

Used for daily travel, the ship automatically increases its Travel Speed by one, or two with a raise. It can also be used to cancel the spell becalm.

In combat, zephyr improves a vessel’s current Handling by +1, its Acceleration and Top Speed by 25%. That means a becalmed ship (whose Acceleration and Top Speed are halved) is effectively still down 25%. It may be cast multiple times, though base Acceleration and Top Speed may never be more than doubled.

Caribdus’ mages have discovered another use for this spell as well. It is quite adept at dispersing swarms of razor wings and other small avians. A success Shakes the birds, while a raise disperses them (effectively causing a wound).


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