• Ach


    UGLY, missing left eye, large scar across left eye socket
  • Achish


    A Kraken wind mage, formerly of the Queen of the Dance.
  • Anise Antog

    Anise Antog

    Guided by Spanx the monkey, one wouldn't expect this blind masaquani to be a talented helmsman and water mage.
  • Dak


    Doreen, member of the ship's fighting crew.
  • Damaso Amador

    Damaso Amador

    An arrogant Spaniard, Damaso is one of Sterk's best armsmen and boarders.
  • Denise De Vassoigne

    Denise De Vassoigne

    Sterk's navigator and surgeon, a French woman of letters.
  • Rupert Scoggins

    Rupert Scoggins

    A talented and skilled English lookout and sharpshooter, formerly of the Queen of the Dance
  • Admiral Duckworth

    Admiral Duckworth

    Comodor of the Fleet, commands the man-o-war HMS Justice, well-known pirate hunter
  • Captain Mauser

    Captain Mauser

    Mutineer and pirate, commanding the Queen of the Dance
  • Captain Piet Sterk

    Captain Piet Sterk

    Merchant captain of the Queen of the Dance, a Dutchman visitor to Caribdus