A Kraken wind mage, formerly of the Queen of the Dance.



Agility d8 Charisma 0
Smarts d10 Pace 6 (8 swimming)
Spirit d4 Parry 7
Strength d8 Toughness 4
Vigor d4 Power Points 10


  • Fighting d10
  • Guts d4
  • Knowledge d8
  • Spellcasting d8
  • Stealth d6
  • Swimming d8


Kraken have webbed fingers and toes, and can move at their full Swimming skill while in the water (-2" per load limit penalty). They can speak underwater as well, allowing them to cast spells normally while submerged.
Kraken must immerse themselves in water at least 1 hour out of every 24. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day they don’t until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish. Kraken with Elemental Manipulation (water) may use it to make Vigor rolls to avoid Fatigue.
Natural Talent
Kraken have a natural affinity for elemental magic, and start with 10 additional Power Points.


  • Code of Honor (M)
  • Vow – To find a way to end the Sea Hag’s Curse
  • Quirk – Absent-minded


  • Arcane Background (air)
  • Kraken Bone Sword & Armor


Armor Type Area Covered TN Cost Weight
Kraken Bone Armor Chest & Arms +3 n/a 15


Weapon Range RoF Dmg Weight Notes
Kraken Bone Sword d8+4 4
Flintlock pistol 5/10/20 1 2d6+1 3 2 actions to reload


Spell Power Points Range Duration Trappings
Becalm Special Sight 10 minutes (1/10 min) A gesture of arms
Bolt 1 – 6 12/24/48 Instant A streak of cutting air spirits
Zephyr 5 20 Concentration (no more than 4 hours per casting) Stand behind the sails arms outstretched and gently waving

Other Gear

Gear Weight
Clothing x2
Whetstone 1
295 Pieces o’ Eight
Weight Carried 5
Weight Limit (STRx5) 30
Rank XP
Novice 1


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