The Inquisition’s three basic weapons are surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency. And of course a fanatical devotion to High Inquisitor Torquemada. Mages who fall prey to their zealous swords ever expect them, but wind up hanging from the rigging of Torquemada’s barge Perdition just the same.

These former priests have forged their plowshares into swords, so to speak. Preaching is a forgotten task of their order – they exist now as “Holy Warriors” tasked with slaying all of Caribdus’ mages.

Inquisitors are dispatched throughout the Thousand Isles where they operate in secrecy. They follow mages for days and sometimes weeks, learning their powers and abilities before attempting to catch them. When they are ready, they hire local thugs to help them take the mage alive. This is most often done in the night when the mage is sleeping. Many a wizard has awoken to a brace of pistols in his face. The unfortunate soul is then bound and taken to the High Inquisitor’s barge, usually found in the Kieran Empire.

Inquisitors prefer to take their prey to Torquemada alive so that the prisoner can repent before he is sent to God. If a target fights back, however, the Inquisitor has no compunction about slaying the heretic on the spot.


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